Littlefair London

Our Story

Littlefair London is a design collective that celebrates the many hands that create each piece in our collection by making the elegance of craftsmanship integral to each design.

As the collection of furniture and accessories evolves from concept to creation, we strive to create a balance of beauty and true, lasting functionality. From designing the optimal curve of a chair back to hand-carving a surface texture unique to each piece, every design passes through a myriad of skilled hands to achieve a long-lasting style and quality.

Tailored armchairs, delicate ceramic pots, screen-printed alpaca throws and tables adorned with gold leaf detail form some of the unique pieces in our collection. All furniture is made to order and handcrafted in Europe, whilst our accessories collection is crafted by skilled UK artisans, with makers personally selected for their mastery of traditional techniques. Each piece is a unique iteration of the form – and each has its own story to tell.