The Makers Story

The Littlefair London collection was borne out of a desire to return to and focus on the processes of making, highlighting the intimacy between the maker and the material. Dipped, carved, upholstered or painted by skilled hands, our collection sees thoughtful design encounter the simple elegance of traditional craftsmanship.

As we are increasingly bombarded with digital forms, the three dimensional and tactile worlds become more and more exclusive, stimulating the senses.

From the ceramicist in a shed in her Essex garden and the glass blower who travels from studio to studio across the UK; to the furniture maker and upholsterer in their sunny Portuguese workshop – we continue to discover makers and craftspeople with a particular mastery over different techniques to both inspire and develop our designs.

In our fast-paced, technological world, we salute these organic processes, translating them for the modern luxury market.